Clarisa James is a multimedia artist and musician. As a child Clarisa always had a love for music and photography. She received her first piano lesson at the age of seven and continued until she received a degree in music from the Aaron Copland School of Music at Queens College. During Clarisa's studies in music she fell in love with MTV which sparked her interest in Media Studies. After receiving her Bachelor of Arts in 1999, James worked for ASCAP for almost six years as an Account Executive licensing web sites and radio stations for the performance of music. Clarisa enjoyed her work at ASCAP but often felt like her creativity was not being utilized to her fullest capacity. In 2004, she decided to go back to school to study for a Masters of Fine Arts. Clarisa is currently an MFA candidate in the Integrated Media Arts program at Hunter College. The IMA program specializes in the study of documentary film, web design, and 3D Animation with a focus on social justice. Clarisa has created projects in the IMA program which represent the African American and Latino/a experience. After graduation Clarisa would like to incorporate her media projects into the educational system and use them as a learning tool to improve race relations in the United States. Clarisa is a freelance photographer and is available for special events.

Clarisa can be reached at (718) 413-8031.

Ms. James' photographs have been displayed with the following organizations and publications:

Photography for Handbook