Clairvoyance Media creates web documentaries and photo essays based on the African American and Latino experience. The goal of the web documentary is create a forum in which issues of racism, self esteem can be addressed in an interactive fashion and the viewer is able to post their opinions online. Other special project featured are Clairvoyance Media's videography work with the Harlem Children Society and the Brooklyn Young Mothers Collective.

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I Never Use the Word Nigger is an interactive Web Documentary which explores opinions and the disturbing career of the word nigger. I Never Use the Word Nigger examines different perspectives of groups of people on the word nigger falling into the following categories: Teens, Parents, Straphangers & Pedestrians, Artists, Media Makers and Educators and many more. Click on title above to access the site.


Christina Reflects is a portrait video I shot featuring Christina Souffrance, a member of the Brooklyn Young Mothers Collective.

Christina Reflects

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